4 MRS acquisitions per session in IMA format

I am trying to analyse MRS data with 4 MPRESS acquisitions per session per patient. The first four patients only have .IMA files (4 folders, 64 IMA files each, given 4 MPRESS acquisitions per session). The water ref file also contains two .IMA files. How can I combine all four in opsrey and more importantly how can I set the path so ospery can read them? I have not been able to load a folder in osprey, it only reads single files.

We soon realised that TWIX is the way to go, so the rest of the patients have .dat files, but, similarly for each patient and each session we have four MPRESS acquisitions. How can I combine all 4 .dat files (+ the water ref) before inputting them in opsrey?

Thank you.

Hi @Remy,

There is an example on how to include more than one scan per subject in the exampledata/sdat/MEGA/jobSDAT_MEGA_Multidataset,m file.

You have to parse a cell array of cell arrays into the files and files_ref definitions which includes one cell per subject and within each cell 1 x 4 path definitions for each scan.

Next you can run OspreyJob, OspreyLoad, and OspreyProcess as usual. Afterwards you call:

MRSCont = osp_AverageAllDatasetsAlongExtra(MRSCont);

which averages the four scans. The remainder of the analysis can then be run as usual.


Hi @Helge,

Thank you so much for your super helpful response.