Errors loading job file using the Osprey GUI on Windows

Hi Helge and Georg, my students have been trying to run a job file with the path to files explicitly set, using the Osprey GUI on a Windows system.

This is the error they get when they try to load the Job file

Array indices must be positive integers or logical values.

Error in OspreyGUI (line 426)
gui.layout.RedFileList{i} = [filesep SepFileList{i}{end-2} filesep SepFileList{i}{end-1} filesep SepFileList{i}{end}];

Error in Osprey/loadJob (line 123)

Error in Osprey/onLoadJob (line 166)

Error while evaluating DestroyedObject Callback.

They are using Osprey 2.4.0.

any help greatly appreciated.



I have a wild guess for this one. We are assuming BIDS folder structure and this usually has a certain ‘depth’ for the path definition, e.g.:


Now if you have a folder structure like this:


It will result in a crash, because we assume at least a depth of 2 subfolders. If you simply add a few dummy subfolders in front of the actual datafolder you should be fine.

Let me know if this solves the problem.


No, we figured it out - it was the file seperator issue - should have closed this post down.

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However, now we seem to ahve found another one - something to do with the water files. Only happening for one of the students, so we think their data may have gotten corrupted. Other MSc student with same data doesn’t have this issue, although they found another bug with the GUIwhere it inserts spaces into file names. I know you suggest avoiding using the GUI for building Job files, but it is an easy way for inexperienced people to get started. (and so the way students tend to gravitate if they are not to used to working with scripts etc.)