Gannet Twix vs Nii results

Let me know if you need a hand with anything. I’ve been round the houses many times with Siemens orientation information from twix/dicom etc, so that I’ve got a fair amount of test cases built up. I can highly recommend getting some data on the scanner like that I showed above. Just testing on simple cases (e.g. transverse, no oblique directions) doesn’t reveal all the pain sufficiently.

It was kind of the idea of spec2nii that we can all plow our time into making it work robustly in one place, then we all don’t have to worry about it in our own code.


This sounds like a great idea. MRS voxel co-registration code has been very heterogenous for years, so this might be a good time to figure out a standard.

@dace, I’ve found the bug in the Gannet code regarding the incorrect voxel co-registration visualized in the GannetCoRegister output figure. Please update once again.

cc: @wclarke

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It works fine now! Thanks so much for your quick responses and help @mmikkel and @wclarke !


Glad to hear it works!