LCModel installation for Windows


To preface this I am an undergraduate intern in a MRS lab so apologies if this comes across exceedingly basic or vague, I’m still getting my footing with the information and programs.

My PI wants us to install LCModel on a windows device in our lab and would not like to install a Linux system due to the other programs on our devices. He has also had trouble trying to install the software. I have tried to install the windows version without the GUI on the device but cannot get the commands some have suggested here or in the manual to work. Does anyone have any experience using the program without the GUI?

I have also attempted to compile using the source code and gfortran but am also experiencing errors, but this may be due to unfamiliarity with the methods. Any resources on how to get this system on windows would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Sean,

Welcome to the MRSHub. I recommend the thread on building LCModel to get started on getting it to work on a local Windows machine.

Keep in mind though that LCModel only does one part of an entire MRS analysis workflow for you, the fitting. Data pre-processing and pulling in tissue segmentation information is not covered by it. Depending on what kind of analysis you need to do, you will need to either build an external pipeline around LCModel (which can be super tedious), or start with one of the open-source packages that live in the “Software & Code” collection of the MRSHub.

I’d highly recommend consulting with the experts here in the forum rather than setting out to do all this by yourself, especially given your relatively low experience with MRS.


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Thanks so much for the help, I was able to get a successful build on Ubuntu thanks to the instructions.

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