7T Siemens Unedited Press Basis .mat File

I have some 7T Siemens Unedited Press (TE = 33) that I’d like to run through Osprey, but I am not seeing an appropriate .mat or .BASIS file in the basissets/7T/siemens directory. Is this something that I can request?
I also have downloaded LCModel 7T basis set files to hopefully use, but I am unsure how best to convert it to .mat

Hi @alatkins,

If you find an appropriate 7T .BASIS file, then you can convert this to the .mat format using the Osprey function: io_LCMBasis.m. If not, then you’ll need to simulate an appropriate basis set using another piece of software, e.g. FID-A. Happy to help if you have any questions about this.