"A" v. "Diff1" files for edited data

Hi All,

I have a basic question - in the QuantifyResults folder there are files starting with “A” and files starting with “diff1” for edited data. What are the differences/when would one be used over the other? I didn’t see anything in the documentation about this, but if I missed it feel free to point me in that direction.

Thank you!

Hi Anna,

“A” and “diff1” refer to the subspectrum that is used to quantify the estimates. For MEGA-PRESS A refers to the edit-OFF spectrum and diff1 to the J-edited differences spectrum, e.g. the GABA-edited spectrum. If you for example look in the GUI you will also be able to see the model for both of the subspectra. Additionally, the total creatine estimates from the edit-OFF spectrum are used to calculate the tCr-ratios for both the difference and the edit-OFF spectrum.


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