About the Vespa Package

Vespa is short for “Versatile Simulation, Pulses, and Analysis”. It is an open source software project written in Python with four applications called Simulation , Pulse , DataSim and Analysis . Vespa runs on Windows, Linux and MacOS.

What they do:

  • Vespa-Simulation - MR spectral simulation and interactive analysis
  • Vespa-Pulse - RF pulse design and export
  • Vespa-DataSim - Create simulated SVS MRS data and Monte Carlo data sets.
  • Vespa-Analysis - Spectral processing, fitting and quantification of MRS data.

The main Vespa project wiki, including installation info, is hosted in a GitHub Pages repository at
But, the forum for discussing Vespa topics is right here!

We look forward to hearing what you have to say … the Vespa Team


The link above seems to be broken and Analysis_Tutorial_data.zip in
Vespa - Analysis Tutorials · Vespa Documentation

is not active either. Would you please help?

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