Add on Multiple Voxel Overlapping/Mapping After Initial Output

I am wondering if Osprey allows us to run a Voxel Overlap with the majority of participants, and then would allow a couple other participants get added into that same Overlap at a later time.

I know the output maps all of the voxels, so I am wondering if adding in another group of voxels would map onto the first output I ran. I know that the MRSContainers would need to be combined to run participants in chunks in order to get the overlap map for all of the subjects.

Each time I run batch of participants (17 participants), or try to add someone in, it creates overlap images for only that extra batch (1 participant) and is not combining everyone into the same container and the overlap script points to 1 container instead of updating the previous container.

I thought if I directed it to the same Output folder, it would combine the two batches to make the dimension [1x18].

Could you all offer any help with this? Thank you!