Analyze each spectra separately from .dat


Quick question, is it possible to somehow get all of the spectra analyzed separately from the rawdata (.dat) file on Osprey? I have 16 spectra averaged in each and I would like to get the individual metabolite amplitudes and raw water scailed from each spectra separately to see what the variability is during the aquasition.


Short answer: Not at this point in time. We are currently developing 2-dimensional fitting in one of the Osprey repository branches, but this hasn’t been included in the release version.

Analyzing individual transients (without some sort of 2D model) is also not going to be particularly informative. The SNR of an individual transient is very low (leading to high modeling uncertainty) and it is unlikely that you will be able to estimate the individual metabolite signals to detect real functional fluctuations with sufficient power (that’s why people sometimes perform sliding-average analysis).