Are these motion artefacts and poor water suppression?

Hi, everyone,

Wanted to confirm with some experts.
Are these motion artefacts and poor water suppression? .

Motion artefacts?

Poor water suppression?

Thanks for your help.


There’s certainly very poor water suppression in the second image, to the extent that I would question whether there was any water suppression used.

The first is a little unclearer. It looks like data acquired in two separate conditions, with different frequency offsets, hence you get the doubling of each peak. I could be that there was one distinct movement resulting in the scans acquired after that movement having a different offset, however the shim of each case looks quite similar, which is a bit suprising.

What Will said - about the first one, I’ve also seen this introduced by spectral registration algorithms - is this before or after alignment?

That was after alignment. The modelling worked fine without any problem for the averaged spectrum. I was just curious what were the potential causes of that.