Ask for help in the detection of glycine

Hello, everybody!
I am a novice, and I want to design my own experiment by detecting glycine. I would like to ask you whether it is better to use a specific TE or a special sequence. I used the PRESS sequence in the literature before, but I asked some teachers and said it was wrong.
So I want to consult the experts.
Thank you for your help.

Hey Jude,

Gly overlaps strongly with mIns at 3.54 ppm. It is a CH2 singlet, so editing is out of the question. Medium to long TEs are your best bet at differentiating Gly and mIns. Different groups have found different results, from 70 ms ( Mapping of Glycine Distributions in Gliomas | American Journal of Neuroradiology ( over 97 ms working reasonably well (TE1/2 = 32/65 ms for 2-HG detection, Glycine by MR spectroscopy is an imaging biomarker of glioma aggressiveness - PubMed ( to 160 ms (TE1/2 = 60/100 ms, Measurement of glycine in the human brain in vivo by 1H‐MRS at 3 T: application in brain tumors - Choi - 2011 - Magnetic Resonance in Medicine - Wiley Online Library).

I hope this is helpful to get you started.


Hello, Georg
Thank you for your reply, which will be very helpful to me. I still want to ask whether glycine is related to sequence besides TE. What I want to do is semi-laser and STEAM at 7T. Because I want to observe multiple metabolites at the same time.
Thank you, best wishes