Baseline correction

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Baseline distortion is considered an artifact…but whatabout non-flat baseline?
Which is recommended to do in TARQUIN analysis? baseline subtraction or smoothing?

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Hi Neda,

Tarquin uses a time-domain truncation approach to deal with (macromolecule) baseline. Essentially: based on the fact that macromolecule signal components generally decay more rapidly than metabolite signals, truncating some initial points from the time-domain FID should reduce their contribution to the processed spectrum. Section of Poullet et al 2008 provides a good contextual overview of this (see also the cited Stanley et al 2001 and Ratiney et al 2005)

In Tarquin, the number of points to be removed from the beginning of the FID is determined by the start_pnt parameter (“Start Point” in the GUI). As with many parameters, the choice of value is a tradeoff (see articles above); I believe Tarquin tries to estimate a reasonable initial value, so it’s probably safest to stick with this value unless the result you see is poor/unrealistic.


Hi Alex,

Thank youvery much for the detailed explanation and the suggested references :rose: :pray: