[Call for Participation] MRS Educational Collection

Dear MRS community,

The Code and Data Sharing Committee of the MRS study group is working to curate an educational library of MRS-related resources. While some material is available on the ISMRM website, our goal is to develop a fully open-source resource freely available to the larger community, with a focus on MRS newcomers.

Many of you have created these materials for lectures, seminars, conferences and workshops, and we are now kindly asking for any materials you are willing to share in any format. All credit will be given to the creator and original author(s). I will be working to streamline these into a single resource targeted to those who are new to MRS (trainees, physicians, etc).

We are also looking for volunteers (particularly students, postdocs, trainee researchers) to help us organize, curate, and distill the material that we receive. Of course, you will receive full credit for your contribution. Don’t miss this great opportunity to meet new people in the field and to create a lasting community resource!

Thank you for your help in this project.


Candace Fleischer


I’m volunteers to help you organize the documents etc. I can also create some Youtube videos on how to use open-source MRS/MRSI software or scripts which I’ve experienced.

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thanks Sevim! @cfleischer

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Thanks, Sevim. I have your name on the list and will be in touch.

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more than happy to help


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