[code submission] ABfit paper

SUBMISSION.md (345 Bytes)

suggestion to add this to a new category “reproducible analyses” or “analysis scripts and data” or something like that. Doesn’t really fit with the other analysis entries as ABfit is already part of spant.

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Hi Martin,

Thank you very much for your submission. ABfit is such a great new addition - I remember we thoroughly enjoyed it during journal club :slight_smile:

We have created an entry for your submission to appear in the new “Reproducible Workflows” section of the MRSHub software collection (https://mrshub.org/software_reproducible_workflows/).

I’ve also added a title to this thread and moved it to the ‘Data Processing’ category, in case users have questions about the code.

Thanks again, we’re looking forward to your next submission.

Best wishes,
The MRSHub Team