We would like to submit our voxel and spectra visualisation code to MRSHub. The code is hosted at:

Hopefully everything that’s required for submission is there.



Hi Niall,

Thank you so much for this really cool submission! I’m sure lots of people will find this code extremely useful. We forked your submission into the MRSHub GitHub repository, and generated an entry in the MRSHub software collection, where it now appears in the ‘Visualization’ category. Nice logo, by the way :slight_smile:

You can use this thread to keep forum visitors up to date on future developments. If you update your own repository, you can also suggest having those pulled into the MRSHub fork of it by clicking “New pull request” in your own repository, selecting “Compare across forks”, and submitting a pull request towards the MRSHub fork.

We’re looking forward to your next contributions! Thanks again!

Best wishes,
The MRSHub Team

Happy to be on board!

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