I’d like to share my GitHub repository which contains a number of plot functions to visualize the quantitative outcome of different linear-combination algorithms. It can also import arbitrary data in form of csv files.

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Find the submission.md attached. submission.md (512 Bytes)

Hi Helge,

Many thanks for your submission!

We forked your repository into the MRSHub GitHub repository, and generated an entry in the MRSHub software collection, where it now appears in the ‘Visualization’ category.

You can use this thread to keep forum visitors up to date on future developments. If you update your own repository, you can also suggest having those pulled into the MRSHub fork of it by clicking “New pull request” in your own repository, selecting “Compare across forks”, and submitting a pull request towards the MRSHub fork.

We’re looking forward to your next contributions! Thanks again!

Best wishes,
The MRSHub Team

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