[CODE SUBMISSION] VDI (Visual Display Interface)

Hi all,

@AssafTal has submitted another great suite of tools! We welcome VDI (Visual Display Interface) to our slowly growing list of entries in the MRSHub software listings.

Quote from Assaf’s website, from where you can download VDI free of charge:

VDI (Visual Display Interface) is a set of MATLAB libraries meant for the visualization and processing of multiresolution data: MRS, MRSI, fMRI and MRI. It also includes libraries for carrying out automated B0 shimming and LCModel fitting. Some of the things it can do:

  1. Calculate fraction of WM, GM or CSF in each MRSI voxel and carry out linear regression to get global GM, WM concentrations.
  2. Calculate the time course of a BOLD signal inside an MRS voxel.
  3. Apply a spatial mask to an MRSI dataset to zero out voxels in particular regions of interest, or calculate an average MRSI spectrum by summing all voxels inside a given region of interest defined by a high resolution binary mask (e.g.: the average MRS spectrum from the dorsal anterior cingulate cortex).
  4. Automate sending spectra from MATLAB to a Linux computer via SSH, fit them and retrieve the results, all within the MATLAB interface.

VDI also includes a sub-library called SpinTool:

Bloch simulations are an essential tool in magnetic resonance, and having a library which can quickly prototype and troubleshoot sequence issues is crucial. Our SpinTool library provides such a framework. It is part of the VDI framework, but it works independently of it and is not distributed with the VDI distribution. It must therefore be downloaded separately.

Pretty awesome! Thank you so much, @AssafTal!

Best wishes,
The MRSHub Team