Convert dicom files into TWIX format


Does anyone know if there are any tools can convert MRS in .IMA format into Siemens TWIX format?


Hi @NSniper

Generally this isn’t sensible (and in some ways, not possible). IMA (DICOM) is a more processed format than .dat/twix. I don’t know of any tools and coding one would be very painful.

What are you trying to achieve?


Hi Will,
Thank you for the reply. We encountered some data management issues; some of our previously collected MRS data in TWIX format was lost, but we still have data in DICOM format. As most of the data was processed in TWIX format, We wonder if we can convert data in DICOM format to the TWIX format. As you mentioned, it is hard to do that. So we have to use the DICOM data for further processing. But we are not sure whether the data analyzed with the DICOM format is the same or comparable to the data analyzed with the TWIX format.


It generally won’t be comparable – and per Will’s response, trying to convert back to twix won’t fix this, since some of the processing in the IMA/DICOM format is not reversible.

In principle, if you manage to replicate the exact same processing that happens on the scanner, you could apply that to the TWIX data – but then you might as well just take the DICOMs, if you have those for all your subjects.

Otherwise, you’ll probably need to treat these as separate groups (maybe using ComBat across the groups), possibly include the format as a covariate, or if it’s just a small number of subjects maybe drop them for simplicity. This is particularly problematic if you’re looking at longitudinal data.

For future reference, we find Yarra RDS is a useful tool for not losing TWIX data.

Hi alex,
Thank you for the suggestions. That’s really helpful. We have dicom data for all subjects for the process and thanks for the suggestion of Yarra RDS.