Convert Siemens TWIX to .rda

Hello everyone,

Does anyone know how to convert Siemens TWIX to .rda format?



There is no direct conversion from a TWIX file that would give you the exact same RDA file that you’d get if you exported the same dataset from the scanner. TWIX data preserve the individual coil elements and transients and are oversampled. We don’t know precisely what the Siemens reconstruction is doing internally to carry out the downsampling, coil combination and averaging (if the latter happens). You can assemble your own processing pipeline (or use Osprey/FSL/spant etc.) which will then allow you to export processed data to RDA, but it won’t be identical to an ‘original’ Siemens RDA file.

My idea was to read the TWIX data using io_loadspec_twix.m and write it back to rda using io_writerda.m. As you said, some information might loss but I guess it’s worth giving it a try.
Thanks Georg.