[DATA SUBMISSION] In-silico brain MRS data

Dear all,
hereby are attached the requested files to upload a referenced dataset to MRSHub.
Thanks for sharing.

Submission_data.md.txt (1.6 KB)
License.md.txt (121 Bytes)

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Rudy, thanks so much. Great work, as always. I’ve added this to the MRSHub dataset collection.

One thing I couldn’t figure out from the methods section: Are you varying the individual Voigt components of the MMBG, or are you using one specific linear combination of them to generate one ‘static’ MM signal (effectively a single basis function) that is uniformly scaled up by ±33%?

Hi Georg,
thanks a lot. Happy to share!

Yes, you are right, we used a «static» MM model without any variation of single Voigt lines.
I absolutely agree this is a rather trivial MMBG modeling and not good enough for straight clinical translation, despite the modeling coming from fitted in-vivo OCC data.