[DATA SUBMISSION] MM Consensus Data Collection

Dear MRSHub community,

We are fortunate that Ivan Tkáč, Anke Henning, Dinesh Deelchand and @cudalbu have agreed to make a nice little collection of macromolecule spectra available to the public. These spectra have been acquired at different field strength (3T, 4T, 7T, 9.4T, 14.1T) from different mammals (human, rat, mouse, cat), and appear in Figure 1 of the consensus effort on MM acquisition and handling, which has been led by Cristina and is hopefully published soon in NMR Biomed:

(adapted from: C Cudalbu, KL Behar, PK Bhattacharyya, W Bogner, T Borbath, RA de Graaf, R Gruetter, A Henning, C Juchem, R Kreis, P Lee, H Lei, M Marjanska, R Mekle, S Murali-Manohar, M Považan, V Rackayova, AM Wright, D Simicic, J Slotboom, Z Starčuk, J Starčukova, BJ Soher, I Tkáč, S Williams, M Wilson, L Xin, V Mlynárik. Contribution of macromolecules to brain 1H MR spectra: Experts’ consensus recommendations. NMR Biomed (2020, in revision))

We have created an entry for this great resource in the MRSHub dataset collection:

and all data are available for download (in Varian fid format) from the MRSHub GitHub repository:

I have added a bit of documentation on how to load Varian data into MATLAB using Jamie Near’s FID-A toolbox - if anyone comes up with additional ways to load them into, for example, Python, please let us know here, and we can add it to the repository. Instructions on how to convert these data into LCModel basis functions are welcome as well - one option is to use the functions included in FID-A again, but I haven’t played around with that yet.

MM data have been acquired from multiple subjects, frequency-corrected, summed, and the residual water and 3.93 ppm Cr/PCr peak were removed.

The following MM spectra are included in this repository:

Field strength (T) Localization TE [ms] Type Author
3 STEAM 8 Human Dinesh Deelchand
4 STEAM 4 Human Ivan Tkáč
7 STEAM 6 Human Ivan Tkáč
9.4 sLASER 24 Human Anke Henning
9.4 STEAM 2 Rat Ivan Tkáč
9.4 STEAM 2 Mouse Ivan Tkáč
9.4 STEAM 2 Cat Ivan Tkáč
14.1 SPECIAL 2.8 Rat Cristina Cudalbu

In addition, the repository contains two conventional single-subject 1H-MRS spectra from the human occipital cortex:

Field strength (T) Localization TE [ms] Type Author
4 STEAM 4 Human Ivan Tkáč
7 STEAM 6 Human Ivan Tkáč

We’re really grateful for this fantastic contribution, and will keep you updated as soon as we receive more data (watch this space!).

Best wishes,
The MRSHub Team