[DATA SUBMISSION] MM human brain spectra 9.4T - TE series / Fit Settings LCModel

This are TE series (TE = 24,32,40,52,60 ms) DIR semi-LASER macromolecular spectra. They were measured in the occipital lobe (in GM rich and WM voxels) of the human brain. The provided data are averages from 11 subjects. Additionally, the fitsettings and sample fits are provided. An explanation on how to set up the fit settings file is provided in the Readme.docx. SUBMISSION_DATA.md (899 Bytes)


Hi Tamas,

Thank you for your submission! This is fantastic! I have added an entry in the MRSHub dataset collection under the “Macromolecules” and “Single-voxel MRS” categories.

Looking forward to your next submission!

Best wishes,
The MRSHub Team

Fantastic data :slight_smile:

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Thank you! I hope to share some more data soon!