DICOM tag/field for STEAM mixing time

Does anyone know where the mixing time of a STEAM sequence is stored in a Philips ‘enhanced’ DICOM spectroscopy file? There is field ‘MixingTime’ and some other candidates with the term ‘mix’ in them. None of them reported the mixing time of the STEAM sequence.

Also: where is the water suppression method, bandwidth offset RF power? Each spectrum comes with a gazillion DICOM fields, most of them irrelevant.

I have the Philips DICOM compliance document, but it did not help much. I guess the mixing time for STEAM has some other name.

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Hej Ronald,
Personally I never had much luck with the philips MRS dicoms…
In my experience there’s only the most important parameters (like TE/TR) in the dicom file that contains the data. The other parameters, so probably also the ones you’re looking for, are in the other files. Those contain the rest of the examcard information.
You could try put your question up on the philips pulseprogramming forum, if you’re on that one (else ask your clinical scientist for access). Perhaps someone there has more knowledge about it.

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Try the DICOM tag 2005, 144B. Or one can also dump the data from the Examcard DICOM file (2005,1137 should say PDF_EXAM_PARS) and the following values will give

EX_ACQ_first_echo_time - Echo Time
EX_SPY_steam_mix_time - STEAM Mixing time
EX_ACQ_se_rep_time - Repetition Time (TR)


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