Does anyone have a semi-laser pulse sequence for GE?

I’m new to this forum, so sorry if there’s a repository somewhere and I missed it, but is there a copy of semi-laser psd for a GE scanner somewhere? If not, have others had trouble substituting the adiabatic macros for the standard trapezoids for the dual spin echos? Trying to shift from regular PRESS and I’m familiar with the presscsi.e psd, so if someone has in-lines or an outline of code they added, that would be great!

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I requested GE’s semi-LASER sequence directly from GE

However, I’m not sure how to optimize it. It comes with a manual that… isn’t very useful.

I’m curious if anyone has calibrated/optimized it


Alex W

Tagging @noeskera here.

I’m using sLASER on a GE. Happy to give advice about usage if needed.


Hi Alex,
I created an additional document for the calibration steps. This is not part of the official manual as this would require to translate again to about 10 languages (legal requirement) while nearly everybody can live with the English version. Please send me an email ( so I can send it to you and further assist.

Ralph, I have sent you an e-mail

Mark: Ralph will send me some documents so that should help me get semi-LASER set up.
In the mean-time, what are you using to analyze your semi-LASER pfiles? I noticed that FSL-MRS does not recognize semi-LASER for convering the Pfile to Nifit, and I doubt (although I could be wrong) that LCModel recognizes semi-LASER?

(Oh also, do you happen to have a 35TE basis set for semi-LASER? I can only find 30TE)


Alex W.

I stand corrected, LCModel seems to have no problem loading a semi-LASER sequence

Hi @weberam2,

  1. I use Gannet and Osprey for my MRS data analyses. I also specifically work with edited data.

  2. Do you mean you’re using FSL-MRS to convert P-files (*.7 files) to NIfTI? If I’m correct, this is based on the spec2nii code (@wclarke, correct me if I’m wrong). If so, there are some edits in spec2nii that are needed to work to make it work with sLASER data (if based on @noeskera current psd implementation). (@wclarke, I’ve been meaning to send you my commits for GE data for spec2nii, btw).

  3. I don’t have a TE = 35 ms GE semi-LASER basis set, but could make one for you if needed. I would need your acquisition parameters, though. Feel free to email me at mam4041[at]


Hi @mmikkel ,

Very happy to merge those commits. Can you open a PR on the spec2nii repo? Happy to talk you through the fork/PR process if needed.