ECC and freq/phase correction

Hello experts

I am writing a matlab code to do MRS analysis using FID-A functions.
I was wondering if the order of eddy corrent correction and average realignment is important.!!

Which one should I do first? I saw in some papers that they do ECC first and then average alignment. This is also the order that chatGPT told me. :slight_smile:

But for doing ecc in FID-A you have to use the averaged data. This means you need to align averages and do averging first and then do eddy current correction.

I would appreciate if you could let me know what the standard procedure is. And if the order of doing them actually matters.


Hi Shah,

I don’t think there is a standard procedure (after all, there is still no such thing in contemporary MRS world), but I don’t think that the order matters too much and it’s especially fine to align first, then average, then ECC. Feel free to take some inspiration from our OspreyProcess module, which heavily leans on modified FID-A functions and also does the alignment first and the ECC afterwards.

Good luck!

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Thank you so much Georg.
Good that I have confirmation from an expert before setting up the pipeline.


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