Error create job button

Hi all,
i installed Osprey on windows 10, with matlab 2017b (and adequate toolboxes), with last Osprey version
I have an error with I tried to create job, just after clicking on the button…

Error defining property ‘Image’ of class ‘CreateOspreyJob_app’:
Class named ‘matlab.ui.control.Image’ is undefined or does not support property

Error in Osprey/onCreateJob (line 158)

Error while evaluating UIControl Callback.

I need your help please… Many thanks…

Hi Laurent,

Can you confirm you have installed GUI Layout Toolbox - File Exchange - MATLAB Central and Widgets Toolbox - Compatibility Support - File Exchange - MATLAB Central?


Hi Georg,
yes of course, and what is strange is other buttons work perfectly (Load Job file, Load MRSCont file). I have this problem only with the Create Job button…

Thanks for your help,


Do you have the option to upgrade MATLAB? I know the GitHub repo says it should be compatible with 2017b, but we’ve found previously that updating to a newer version helped…