Error during OspreyProcess: unrecognized file name "np_sw_2080_2399.808"

Dear @admin / @Helge ,

I have come across an error in OspreyProcess (using the latest version, cloned today) that wasn’t present in an older version of Osprey I cloned on the 11th of March 2022. I can still run OspreyProcess in the older version but it would be nice to keep up to date with any future developments.

The error is below:

Timestamp June 14, 2022 16:54:45 Osprey 2.2.0  OspreyProcess
Processing data from dataset   1 out of   1 total datasets...

... done.
 Elapsed time 19.031836 seconds
Timestamp June 14, 2022 16:55:30 Osprey 2.2.0  OspreyFit
Fitting metabolite spectra from dataset   1 out of   1 total datasets...

Running initial referencing...
Running preliminary analysis with reduced basis set...
Running final preliminary analysis step with full basis set...

... done.
 Elapsed time 34.629320 seconds

Fitting water reference spectra from dataset   1 out of   1 total datasets...

                                                 Norm   Rel norm   First-order   Rel first-order      Largest                              Comment
  I#    F#      f(x)      Df(x)   relDf(x)    of step    of step    optimality        optimality   eigenvalue   lambda      rho    ratio          
  31   271   5.6e+02        NaN        NaN    5.8e-11    1.4e-09        0.0011               6.2      2.1e+11    1e+06      NaN      NaN   absolute step size  
... done.
 Elapsed time 0.540628 seconds

... done.
 Elapsed time 35.169948 seconds
Unrecognized field name "np_sw_2080_2399.808".

Error in osp_fit_Quality (line 94)
                            basisSet    ={ss}).(['np_sw_' num2str( '_'

Error in OspreyFit (line 154)
    [MRSCont] = osp_fit_Quality(MRSCont);

Error in osp_onFit (line 33)
    MRSCont = OspreyFit(MRSCont);
Error while evaluating UIControl Callback.

Please let me know if you would like any additional information.

Many thanks,
Carolyn McNabb

Hi @CarolynMcNabb,

Thanks for reaching out and keeping up with the most recent developments.

I’ve just pushed a bug fix for your issues to the develop-branch. It was related to the spectral bandwidth being a non-integer number which broke Matlab struct that stores the data. I have tested the fix with some of the data you send me to fix an older issue that also had non-integer spectral bandwidth.

Let me know if this works for you.


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Thanks so much @Helge! It’s all working well now.

Best wishes,

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