Error in ops_Toolbox_check

hey @Helge and @admin, in Matlab version 2022a I have an error in ops_toolbox_check (line 36)
i don’t understand why can you help me?
fprintf([‘Timestamp%s’ OspreyVersion’Osprey2.0.0’ Module’/n’], detester(now,‘mmmm dd, yyyy HH:MM:SS’));

Hi Justine,

Can you post the error message and the exact series of commands you ran to cause it?


Hi, its good sorry I am novice, I have an other question, we can say which parameters T1 T2 is applied by Osprey for metabolite in one spectre?

You can find the list of literature relaxation time values (for water and metabolites, sorted by field strength and, where available, GM/WM) in the OspreyQuantify function.