Error in Osprey - phantom MEGA-PRESS XA50

Hi, everyone,

I have 2 issues for running phantom MEGA-PRESS data acquired using XA50.

  1. I received the Unrecognized field name “ref” error during OspreyLoad. I solved it by adding the second line below in the osp_combineCoils.m function.

cweights = op_getcoilcombos(MRSCont.raw_ref_uncomb{ref_ll,kk},1,‘h’);
cweights.ref = ‘raw’; % scnh

  1. After that, I received the Unrecognized function or variable ‘raw’ error during OspreyProcess. Any idea?

Error in osp_PhantomReferencing (line 77)
[refShift, refFWHM] = osp_XReferencing(raw,2.01,1,[1.85 4.2]);% determine frequency shift



Vendor: Siemens
System: XA50
Sequence: MEGA-PRESS (vendor’s svs_edit sequence)
Data type: TWIX
Osprey: v2.5.0
DataScenario: phantom

Hi @Steve,

I have just pushed a fix to Github that should solve the issue. Let me know how the phantom referencing function works out.