Error in Osprey Quantify - STEAM .rda with water

New to Osprey, but haven’t found similar issue reported (yet) in the forum. I’m trying to use Osprey (v2.4.0, Matlab 2022b) to analyze our data from Siemens 3T, using STEAM (CMRR flavour) with TE=160ms, saved as .rda. I’ve successfully converted our existing LCModel basis set to Osprey format, and get a decent fit. However, I’m having trouble running Quantify. Oddly enough, if I don’t provide water files, it runs, but when I provide TE=20ms water file, the Quantification fails.
The error message is:

Timestamp March 27, 2023 10:06:51 Osprey 2.4.0 OspreyQuantify

Quantifying dataset 1 out of 1 total datasets…
Argument to dynamic structure reference must evaluate to a valid field name.

Error in OspreyQuantify>lookUpRelaxTimes (line 885)
T1_GM = relax.(metName)(1) * 1e-3;

Error in OspreyQuantify>quantH2O (line 624)
[T1_Metab_GM(kk), T1_Metab_WM(kk), T2_Metab_GM(kk), T2_Metab_WM(kk)] = lookUpRelaxTimes(metsName.metab{mm,ss},Bo);

Error in OspreyQuantify (line 250)
rawWaterScaled = quantH2O(metsName, amplMets, amplWater, metsTR, waterTR, metsTE, waterTE,Bo);

Error in osp_onQuant (line 36)
MRSCont = OspreyQuantify(MRSCont);

Error while evaluating UIControl Callback.

I get this regardless whether I provide water reference TE=160ms (and turn on ECC, fitMM).

The job .json file is:

“seqType”: “unedited”,

“dataScenario”: “invivo”,

“MM3coModel”: “3to2MM”,

“FWHMMM3co”: “”,

“SpecReg”: “RobSpecReg”,

“SubSpecAlignment”: “L2Norm”,

“UnstableWater”: “0”,

“saveLCM”: “0”,

“savejMRUI”: “0”,

“saveVendor”: “0”,

“saveNII”: “0”,

“savePDF”: “0”,

“method”: “Osprey”,

“ECCmetab”: “0”,

“ECCmm”: “0”,

“includeMetabs”: [“default”],

“style”: “Separate”,

“lolim_range”: “1.0”,

“uplim_range”: “3.85”,

“lolim_rangew”: “2.0”,

“uplim_rangew”: “7.4”,

“bLineKnotSpace”: “0.4”,

“fitMM”: “0”,

“basisSet”: “C:\Users\Peter\Desktop_CAPT_008_00M_MRS\BASIS_st_160_3.mat”,

“files”: [“C:\Users\Peter\Desktop_CAPT_008_00M_MRS\MOTOR_1.rda”],

“files_w”: [“C:\Users\Peter\Desktop_CAPT_008_00M_MRS\MOTOR_WATER20.rda”],

“files_nii”: [“C:\Users\Peter\Desktop_CAPT_008_00M_MRS\CAPT0000008_890864_Capture00M_EDM.nii”],

“file_stat”: [“”],

“outputFolder”: [“C:\Users\Peter\Desktop_CAPT_008_00M_MRS”]


In my basis file, this is content if
‘Asp’ ‘Cr’ ‘GABA’ ‘Gln’ ‘Glu’ ‘PCh’ ‘mI’ ‘Lac’ ‘NAA’ ‘NAAG’ ‘Tau’ ‘H2O’

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Peter,

thanks for picking up Osprey and thank you for reaching out to us with your issue.

Would you be able to share the data, job file, and converted basis set with me so that I can resolve the problem? From the message itself, I am currently unable to come up with a solution.


Hi @peter,

the most recent version on the develop branch should solve this issue.


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