Error in OspreyMinReport

Hello All,

I saw in the latest update there was an addition of the module OspreyMinReport.m that creates a markdown table including the minimum parameters for reporting of MRS studies (defined in MRSinMRS). This is a brilliant idea, so I have tested it using my data but have kept running into the following error:

Reference to non-existent field ‘ap’.

Error in OspreyMinReport (line 74)
fprintf(fid,’|c. Nominal VOI size [mm^3]| %d x %d x %d mm^3| \n’, MRSCont.raw{1}.geometry.size.ap, MRSCont.raw{1},

Error in OspreyOverview (line 1112)
[MRSCont] = OspreyMinReport(MRSCont);

Error in osp_onQuant (line 45)
MRSCont = OspreyOverview(MRSCont);

Error while evaluating UIControl Callback.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Hi @Mike,

thanks for the feedback and the early testing of this feature.

Could you tell me what data format and vendor you did include in the analysis. And did you try to run it on an already finished container or a new one?


Actually I’ve already found the problem and I’ll fix this with the next commit. Problem was that the naming conventions for the geometry differ for different vendors.