Error in OspreyProcess about processing HERMES data ( Arrays have incompatible sizes for this operation)

When using Opsrey to process HERMES data, it may occurs error in OspreyProcess when requiring “op_freqrange” funtion. As it requires to process four spectrum in the “op_freqrange” funtion at the same time, by giving ppm range with 14 double formet. But in.ppm is stored as a 2 demension double which is 12048 double so this code won’t fit. I have attached the error and details of variables below.

This problem can be fixed by requiring the ppm range for four times in the code and store the four output together. Which can help to fix the problem and run through the whole process of Opsrey. I have changed the code so send to Helge for update, if anyone meets the same problem, you can reach me for the code.

Hi Mingrun,
In op_SpecRegFreqRestrict.m ppmMin/ppmMax should be set to
ppmMin = [0.5];
ppmMax = [3.9];
for HERMES (strcmp(seqType,‘HERMES’) ) independent of ppmMin/Max input in this function and should overwrite other values. Have you checked your seqType that it’s really HERMES for processing?