Error in the 'Model data' step

I try to run a job using one of the basis sets provided with Osprey and encounter the error "Unrecognized field name “specs” " at line 45 of fit_sortBasisSet:
basisSetOut.specs(:,actBasisFnct,:slight_smile: = basisSetIn.specs(:,idx,:);

Basically, the field name ‘specs’ is not there. When I look through the included basis sets, none of them seem to have that field. I tried both letting Osprey guessing the basis set and defining it explicitly - it loads the correct basis file (3T → GE → PRESS → 30ms).

What could be the cause of this? (I am using the latest github code as of yesterday).

Hi @JonasP,

Can you confirm for me that you have downloaded the most recent version from the develop branch?

We recently introduced a function to re-calculate the ‘specs’ field during the fit. Can you look into the osp_fitInitialise.m function and look for the following line

[basisSet] = osp_recalculate_basis_specs(basisSet);.

Otherwise can you post the complete error message so that I can see where this function is called?


Yes you are right. It seems that I messed up when upgrading Osprey earlier. That piece of code was indeed missing, I deleted everything and redownloaded and now its there and everything seems to work.

Thank you!

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