Exclusion criteria Osprey

Hi ! I’m a new Osprey user and I’m discovering MRS.
Thank you for your logiciel !!

I am currently studying NAA levels in the hippocampus and I wonder about the exclusion criteria to be used with the Osprey logiciel :

  • What value of SNR NAA to use? ( 3? 5?)
  • Can I used FWHM_water > 12 Hz ?
  • Do you have any other exclusion criteria to propose?

Thank you for your help

Hi @admin and @Helge !
Hope your are doing well.

Same kind of question, is there peer-reviewed papers (other than those of your team) release with the results obtain by your software?



Hi both,

I tend to be skeptical about using hard cut-offs for including or rejection data. 12 Hz water FWHM sounds close to what I’d consider borderline acceptable (the Wilson consensus paper recommends 0.1 ppm linewidth or better, which at 3T would correspond to 12 Hz, as well as an SNR of 3). That said, it is difficult to rationalize rejecting a dataset that has well-resolved peaks of interest and is modeled without notable residuals, but has maybe a linewidth of 13 Hz.

@Frederic Osprey is still relatively new, so it’ll take a little bit to reach full impact in the literature.

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thanks for your help!!

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