FID-A Simulate GE: Semi-Laser; MEGA-PRESS

I am very new to FID-A

I’d like to use it to create simulated Basis sets for the GE semi-Laser and MEGA-PRESS sequences.

Is there any other GE and FID-A users who could help?

How do I get all the RF Pulse Waveform info to input into FID-A?

Once I have access to that info, I’m guessing I can use sim_laser.m and sim_megapress.m?


Or something like the run_simExampleBasisSet.m?

Clearly I need help…


Alex W.

Hi @weberam2,

Weill Cornell is also a GE site, and we use semi-LASER and MEGA-PRESS. I’ve created various basis sets specific to the GE implementations. Could you please reach out to me over email to discuss this further:


Thank you yes!
I’ll e-mail you now

Hi @weberam2: I’m sure Mark has this covered, but we’re also using FID-A for simulating GE semi-LASER and MEGA-PRESS basis sets – happy to help if you have further queries.