First time try GANNETLOAD with RDA files

We have a new machine in our hospital, this is the first time to use GANNET for rda file analysis, please help me to see if my GANNETLOAD result is correct: thank you all!

Also I would like to ask why with the previous Siemens machine, I was getting errors when I was doing the IMA format file analysis.

Hi @Gao,

Your RDA results look reasonable.

Regarding your previous machine, what were the errors exactly?


THANKS for your reply mmikkel. And previously, our machine was Verio and we got files in IMA format with three folders per subject and three IMA format files in each folder, which could not be read and quantified when using GANNET, but were able to do so when using the LCModel software. Never figured out why this is the case.

It’s likely that Gannet was not suited for such IMA data (which sounds like they were averaged during export from the scanner). We highly recommend exporting all Siemens data using the TWIX format, as this allows more control over the data preprocessing to optimize metabolite quantification.

thanks for your relply, i have learned~

And I also want to ask a question that does it have some software can help me convert the .rda files to TWIX files? or convert IMA files to TWIX files? THANK YOU professor!!!

You cannot convert RDA or IMA files to TWIX files. The TWIX format is inherently “raw”, while RDA and IMA are preprocessed on the scanner, so you can’t “make them raw.” You have to export TWIX data from the scanner directly.

I see, I’ll study a bit more on my own, thank you very much for your help!