FSL_MRS on 1.5T GE PRESS at short TE (30-40ms)


I would like to use FSL_MRS to process ~1500 datasets of older SVS MRS from 1.5T GE using PRESS with various short TE’s (30,35,40ms) and various ROIs (frontal WM, frontal GM). However, I notice that FSL_MRS only processes 3T and 7T. Would it be possible to quickly add support for 1.5T? Would this be as simple as adding T1 and T2 relaxation constants defined in the fsl_mrs/utils/constants.py?


Hi @HfxCarlos ,

Yes I can add that. Is there a good source for the T1s and T2s?


Hi @wclarke,

How about values from Table2 in Tonnes, et al. 2023, DOI: 10.1007/s10916-023-02004-4? The T1 and T2-relaxation estimates at 3T for GM,WM,CSF are similar to the current fsl_mrs constants.


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I’ll get round to it soon. In the meantime you can always hack your current version of the installed code. Simply add lines to fsl_mrs/utils/constants.py · master · FSL / fsl_mrs · GitLab and the equivalent T2 section just below. That should work.

Hi all! I’m also trying to process MRS data from a 1.5T Siemens, so wanted to comment on this thread to stay in the loop with any developments!