Full Width at Half Max


I am trying to get the full width at half max (FWHM) values from some of the MRS data I have. I am using jMRUI for processing and my data are in SDAT format. Does anyone know if I can measure FWHM from jMRUI directly or there are other ways to do that?

I really would appreciate any help/ insight on this. Thanks!


you can load your data and fit one singlet like tCr at 3ppm with AMARES.
@JanaS could maybe provide a tutorial on how to use AMARES. We had some videos recorded in the past

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Hi Cristina,

Thanks for your reply. I can fit the data with AMARES. I am just confused about which of the parameters given by the AMARES method corresponds to the Full Width at Half max.

Here’s a picture of the AMARES calculation that is done for identifying a water peak on muscle. Which number from the table corresponds to full width at half max in this case? Is it something that’s there directly or do I need to calculate using a parameter that’s in the table?

Thanks for your reply again.


From your other post, it looks like you found the jMRUI setting to change from damping to linewidth, but in case it’s helpful, linewidth is damping divided by pi.

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Hi Meredith,

Thanks for the piece of information.

Yes, I changed damping to linewidth because I read somewhere on the internet that linewidth is equivalent to Full width at Half max, which I am looking for. Is that true for MRS data?


Yes, that’s correct.

Hi Roy,

you can find a lot of details/teaching material here: Chapter 1 Getting started with MRS: A digital collection of community-sourced educational materials | _main.knit (mrshub.github.io)