GAMMA for simulations


i wanted to download GAMMA but the website provided on the “Software&Code” page is not working. can somebody help please?
@bsoher - Hi Brian not sure if you could maybe help :slight_smile:

Hi @cudalbu,

Brian would be the better authority on this, but I believe this may be the best place to start:

The instructions link on the opening page appears to be broken, but installation (and platform-specific build) links in the navigation panel are fine. This is the same resource linked from PyGAMMA/GAMMA · Vespa Documentation

Hope this helps.

Hi @alex,

thank you so much for this :slight_smile:

Hi Cristina,

Sorry for the delay. I was on vacation and tried to respond from my small screen, but it bounced.

source code: GitHub - pygamma-mrs/gamma: GAMMA C++ and PyGAMMA wrapped code packages
installation docs: New Install or Upgrade · PyGAMMA/GAMMA Docs
PyPI site: pygamma · PyPI

The PyPI site has binaries for Python 3.7, 3.8 and 3.9

The install docs describe how to compile source code for other versions not on PyPI.

I think that I have updated the URL on the Software website, too. Thanks for reporting that!



thank you so much :slight_smile:

PS: hope you have lovely holidays