Gannet v3.3.2 released

Gannet has been updated to v3.3.2. The release notes are printed below:

Major changes

  • Rewrote SiemensRead.m to reduce code length

Minor changes

  • Updated DICOMRead.m, including to support Siemens XA30 data

  • Updated SpectralRegistrationHERMES.m

    • SNR limit is now estimated as in RobustSpectralRegistration.m

    • Bug fix for indexing for output saved from maximum likelihood estimation

  • Updated dicm2nii to version 2023.03.16

  • Updated export_fig to v3.40

  • Added Gannet documentation website URL to error dialog box

  • Changed the way path names are printed in error dialog box

  • Turned off iteration limit warning in FitChoCr.m

  • Updated UpdateGannet.m to ensure all sub-directories are added to the search path after updating

  • Added issue templates (in .github/ISSUE_TEMPLATE) for blank issues, bug reports, and feature requests

  • Refined alignment of text/logos in output figures

    • The units used for displaying textual results are now normalized to fit any subplot dimension

    • The textual results in the GannetCoRegister, GannetSegment, CoReg, and Seg output figures are now correctly centered

  • The weighted signal averaging method used is now saved in the structure output

  • The weighting factors calculated when applying weighted signal averaging are also now saved in the output

  • Updated SavePDF.m such that when appending PDFs using export_fig, the figure size will now be equivalent in pixels on Windows and Mac systems

  • Updated NIfTIMRSRead.m

  • Updated

  • Updated GannetFitPhantom.m

  • Removed redundant global frequency shift in RobustSpectralRegistration.m

  • The z-standardized MSEs calculated in the spectral registration subroutines are now saved in the structure output

  • Updated GannetVersion.m to also output version numbers of Gannet modules

  • A warning is now printed when users process Siemens .rda data encouraging them to instead use TWIX (.dat) data

  • Added support for GE P-file header revision 30 (#28)


Bug fixes

  • Bug fix for special character \ in Windows file path names printed in the error dialog box

  • Fixed bug in GannetMask_NIfTI.m where the co-registered MRS voxel was incorrectly flipped in the GannetCoRegister output figure

  • Fixed bug in GannetQuantify.m where the alpha value was incorrectly being printed multiple times when multiple were run in batch

  • Added fix in VersionCheck.m so that when users have limited or restricted internet access, an error is avoided (#27) - thanks, @alex!