GE Data import, DV29.1

Hi all,

Does anyone have a working reader for GE DV29.1 P-files (RDB header version 28.003)? Ideally with LCModel RAW output?

If not, I’ll gladly update some of the existing code – just want to make sure I’m not replicating something that’s already been done.


Tagging @noeskera - Ralph, would you be able to provide us with an example dataset (or changes we’d have to make to our readers)? I think in the past it’s largely been a matter of identifying offsets.

Thanks – I have the new offsets figured out, so it should just be a matter of integrating them into the existing readers. Just wanted to make sure this wasn’t already done in a development branch somewhere…

I’ll make a start next week.

We haven’t done any work on it yet… but keen to get the info from you :wink:

On closer inspection: looks like @mmikkel already took care of this almost a year ago in the Gannet 3.2 branch (which I somehow only just found), and subsequently for Osprey too. Thanks!

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Love a community… thanks both

Seems you have figured that out on your own. GERead.m should support both 28.002 and 28.003 and at least for the parameters Gannet is using have the same offsets as 26.002.
For GE users a first starting point is to look into hdr_sizes.txt on the scanner in signs/tools directory. It contains the sub-header offsets of the file header revisions.