GUI Quantified tab - error when navigating results

After running data through the Osprey pipeline, when I go to the Quantified tab in the GUI and navigate to the individual subjects, the results table does not update in the GUI window (stays on sub-001), and I get the following error. I’m using the latest version from the develop branch. Data are unedited Siemens IMA (not fMRS) fit with LCModel.

Text of error message:

Unrecognized field name "resBasisSet".

Error in osp_updateQuantifyWindow (line 28)
        basisSet =['np_sw_' num2str(round(MRSCont.processed.metab{gui.controls.Selected}.sz(1))) '_' num2str(round(MRSCont.processed.metab{gui.controls.Selected}.spectralwidth))]){gui.controls.act_z,1,gui.controls.act_y};

Error in osp_onListSelection (line 44)
Error while evaluating UIControl Callback.

Hi @Meredith,

this should now be fixed in the latest version on the develop branch.


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Confirmed that it’s working for me. Thanks!

Hi @Helge,

I think I found a related bug in OspreyHTMLReport:

Unrecognized field name "resBasisSet".

Error in OspreyHTMLReport (line 718)
        basisSet    =['np_sw_' num2str(round( '_' num2str(round(dataToPlot.spectralwidth))]){1,1,VoxelIndex(2)};

Error in RunOspreyJob (line 58)
        [MRSCont] = OspreyHTMLReport(MRSCont,kk);