Header information from Philips SPAR file

Hi everyone! I hope that you all are having a great week.

I’ve just started working with Philips SPAR/SDAT files. I would like to know if there is some document that describes each key information from the header of the Philips SPAR file.

I can understand what represent many of them, but there are some that I don’t know.

These are the keys that I found in the SPAR files:

keys([‘examination_name’, ‘scan_id’, ‘scan_date’, ‘patient_name’, ‘patient_birth_date’, ‘patient_position’, ‘patient_orientation’, ‘samples’, ‘rows’, ‘synthesizer_frequency’, ‘offset_frequency’, ‘sample_frequency’, ‘echo_nr’, ‘nucleus’, ‘t0_mu1_direction’, ‘echo_time’, ‘averages’, ‘volume_selection_enable’, ‘volumes’, ‘ap_size’, ‘lr_size’, ‘cc_size’, ‘ap_off_center’, ‘lr_off_center’, ‘cc_off_center’, ‘ap_angulation’, ‘lr_angulation’, ‘cc_angulation’, ‘volume_selection_method’, ‘t1_measurement_enable’, ‘t2_measurement_enable’, ‘time_series_enable’, ‘phase_encoding_enable’, ‘nr_phase_encoding_profiles’, ‘si_ap_off_center’, ‘si_lr_off_center’, ‘si_cc_off_center’, ‘si_ap_off_angulation’, ‘si_lr_off_angulation’, ‘si_cc_off_angulation’, ‘t0_kx_direction’, ‘t0_ky_direction’, ‘nr_of_phase_encoding_profiles_ky’, ‘phase_encoding_direction’, ‘phase_encoding_fov’, ‘slice_thickness’, ‘image_plane_slice_thickness’, ‘slice_distance’, ‘nr_of_slices_for_multislice’, ‘spec_image_in_plane_transf’, ‘spec_num_col’, ‘spec_col_lower_val’, ‘spec_col_upper_val’, ‘spec_num_row’, ‘spec_row_lower_val’, ‘spec_row_upper_val’, ‘num_dimensions’, ‘dim2_pnts’, ‘dim3_pnts’])

Thank you for the help,

Hi Gabriel,

Can you clarify which keys you need help for? Most of them are trivial for single-voxel MRS.


Hi Georg,

I need help for understanding the following keys:

[‘offset_frequency’, ‘echo_nr’, ‘t0_mu1_direction’, ‘spec_image_in_plane_transf’, ‘spec_num_col’, ‘spec_col_upper_val’, ‘num_dimensions’, ‘dim2_pnts’, ‘dim3_pnts’]

Thank you for the help!