HERMES visualization on Siemens Prisma console


We’re acquiring HERMES for GABA/GSH (universal sequence) in our Siemens Prisma scanner but we currently have no way of checking our HERMES (or MEGAPRESS) spectra on the console which prevents us from running quality check control during the MRI session. Since no visualization is possible at all, we cannot check voxel positioning from a previous session either.

Our scanner software is VE11C and we were wondering, is this just a general limitation or is there a fix?


Hi Andrea,

Yes, that is a problem - unfortunately that is a limitation of the current implementation, since the online reconstruction hasn’t been updated to work accordingly. I don’t know if or when there is going to be an update. As an immediate fix - you could consider doing your voxel position assessment based on a standard PRESS scan?


Hi Georg,

Ok, yes that’s a good work around for the voxel positioning, thanks.