How to calculate the uncertainty of tNAA/tCr

Hi everyone,
LCModel provides CRLB(%) of tNAA and tCr separately. So how to calculate the uncertainty of tNAA/tCr?
Is this right?

Hi Yushan,
a similar question in this thread:


Hi Heiner,

Thank you for your prompt reply! I’ll look into it.


For a ratio of two variables f = \frac{A}{B} with absolute standard deviations \sigma_A and \sigma_B, covariance \sigma_{AB}=\rho_{AB}\sigma_A\sigma_B and correlation \rho_{AB} there is an approximation for the standard deviation (see Propagation of uncertainty - Wikipedia):

\sigma_f \approx \left| f \right| \sqrt{ \left(\frac{\sigma_A}{A}\right)^2 + \left(\frac{\sigma_B}{B}\right)^2 - 2\frac{\sigma_{AB}}{AB} }

Compared to the formula you posted above, the covariance term is missing. LCModel exports a correlation matrix in the .print file that should contain \rho_{AB} between tCr and tNAA (edit: it’s probably small). With the absolute CRLBs \sigma_A and \sigma_B you should be able to calculate the whole equation (not that I have ever done that before but this is probably how I’d do it).


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Thank you very much, Georg!