How to import philips data .raw .sin .lab

Dear expert,

I have Philip MRS data which is consisted of .raw, .sin, and .lab.
I got an error message during importing raw file with “load data” button after set data with .raw in job configuration.
I wonder io_loadspec_lcmraw.m is relevant for philips raw/sin/lab file format.

Any ideas or help appreciated.


error while strsplit
First input must be a character vector or string scalar

error while io_loadspec_lcmraw (at line 39)
C{end+1}= strtrim(strsplit(tline, {‘=’,‘,’}));

error while osp_LoadRAW (at line 70)
raw = io_loadspec_lcmraw(MRSCont.files{metab_ll,kk});

Hi Bumseok,

Short answer, no, lcmraw is for LCModel-type .raw files.

sin/lab/raw data are really tedious to handle. We generally know how to deal with them (and Osprey generally supports some dual-voxel stuff we did years ago that requires them), but very few people use these formats because they’re a bit challenging to export.

Do you have data/list files as well?


Hi Georg,

Got it!
Thanks for quick answer.

I agree that processing raw/sin/lab was not easy to deal with despite referencing some code

I’d rather ask to a Philips scientist for getting data as data/list file format.

Thanks a lot.