INSPECTOR basis fitting

Has anyone used the INSPECTOR software and figured out how to perform the basis fitting to there in vivo spectrum? I’ve tried several ways 1. by generating a basis using my Siemens 3T data at TE 30 in the MARRS page however the fitting was off. 2. By downloading a basis from there website both at 2500Hz and 4000 Hz but still had the same issue. Has anyone had this issue and they have how did they correct it?

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Hi Maame, and welcome to the forum!

I personally haven’t worked with INSPECTOR, but we can try and track down the cause a little here - when you say the fitting is off, what do you mean? Can you attach screenshots and settings?

That said, the developers are really friendly and helpful. I’m not sure Christoph Juchem is on this forum himself, but I’m tagging @kswanberg in the hope that she gets the notification and can help. If not, my suggestion would be to drop them an e-mail (when you do, let us know about the solution to your problem in this thread!).

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Hi, Maame, and thanks, Georg, for the shout-out.

Generally if the fits are not converging in INSPECTOR this is due to either mismatch between basis set and spectrum (for which the program will typically throw an error in the most catastrophic cases) or inappropriate definitions for the fit initial conditions and/or optimization parameters.

I am happy to help with your case in particular; please feel free to email me at



Thanks Kelley I sent you an email!