Installing LCModel on linux vm

Hi all,

I am a masters student beginning a project analysing MRS data, but am still very new to the field, and admittedly not the most technologically savvy. I am currently trying to install LCModel in a linux vm and am running into the following error:

./lcmgui: 8: /home/parallels/.lcmodel/bin/gui-2: Exec format error

I have tried using both the 32-bit and 64-bit installations (my linux vm is running on a 64-bit system). Has anybody encountered this issue before?

Any advice would be hugely appreciated!

What’s the command you’ve been trying to run? You might try the built-in non-GUI test run first to see if the core binary works:

If that does not fly, you’ll probably need to compile the binary from scratch. It’s easy to do, see instructions at schorschinho/LCModel: A collection of compiled LCModel binaries for various operating systems. ( and also in this thread. There’s test data in the repository, too.

PS: If you’re new to the MRS world, getting started on LCModel can be a daunting task. The GUI is very clunky to use and is really only a point-and-click tool for designing the control file, which is much more efficiently created by writing some code. What’s the kind of data that you are looking to analyze?

I agree with @admin, it’ll be easier to test the simple command-line tools first. But before that…

Just to be absolutely sure, is your linux VM either x86_64 or i386 architecture? There are a number of more obscure architectures (some with confusingly similar names) which you might have inadvertently chosen.

You can check this by running the command: arch or uname -m. These should return either x86_64 or i386.

You can also check the format of the file it’s trying to run, using the file command, eg:

file /home/parallels/.lcmodel/bin/gui-2

It should mention something like ELF 32-bit LSB executable, Intel 80386 or ELF 64-bit LSB executable, x86-64… like this:

Skjermbilde 2024-03-12 kl. 19.09.06

If you don’t see that, then either the file has been corrupted somehow, or it’s possible you have found a version originally compiled for a different platform. Did you download LCModel from the official website, or elsewhere?

By the way, I don’t see gui-2 in any of the more recent releases. The last version I see it in is 6.3-1J, with a datestamp from mid-2014. If you are using such an old version, you might also run into issues with newer file formats, and you miss out on some of the more recent mega-press adaptions etc. I’d suggest downloading the main binary using the link @admin provided, or the entire package from the LCModel website (for gui components etc).

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