Issue about reading Siemens raw data (7T)

Hello everyone, this is my first time joining this forum, and it’s a great platform for communication. I currently have a question regarding how to process the raw data acquisition points to match the set number of points. On my machine, I have set the acquisition points to 2048 with a bandwidth of 2000Hz. My sequence is Semi-Laser, version MR_VE12U. Currently, the raw data points I read are 4192, excluding the initial 78 points (pointsToLeftshift), leaving 4114 points. I thought the machine would automatically oversample, making it 4096 points. Does it automatically pad zeros at the end? When I read it with OSpery, it shows 4128 points, which confuses me. Additionally, when I read the processed file IMA, the results are correct with 2048 points and a bandwidth of 2000Hz, and it displays the version as MR E12. Does anyone know what might be causing this?