Issue Processing Siemens/Megapress Data in Osprey

Hello everyone,

I’m encountering an issue while processing my Siemens/megapress data in Osprey and would like to ask for your help in resolving it. Whenever I try to execute the process, I receive the following errors (see the attached image).

I’ve already tried some solutions, such as converting to NIFT and processing RDA instead of TWIX data, but so far, I haven’t been able to solve the problem.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance!

Hi @Carlos_Leandro_09,

Thank you for picking up Osprey and for reaching out.

I think the problem is that Osprey needs the separate edit-on and edit-off spectra to work correctly. It seems like you are converting/using only a single RDA file. This could either be the on, the off, or, depending on what you have exported, the diff spectrum. There are several things to consider now:

  1. Do you have separate edit-on and edit-off rda files? If so, instead of adding the single rda file as input, you should add the parent folder that contains both spectra as file input in the jobfile (see this post, for example: Problem loading .rda files - #13 by Mary).
  2. If you don’t have the rda file you should be able to go back to the scanner and export them. If this is not possible try loading the rda file manually [out]=io_loadspec_rda('pathtofile);) and plot the results op_plotspec(out). (Osprey has to be in the path).
  3. I’d recommend exporting TWIX dat files, or single average rda files (there is a checkbox on the exam card ‘save single averages’), or single average dcm files.



You may find this post on Siemens forum useful for your problem. Note that it is for XA50.